Celebrating 20 Years of Nationwide Impact

Celebrating 20 Years of Nationwide Impact

This July marks 20 years since Todd purchased Creative Sign, and the Sign Nerds are excited to celebrate 20 years of nationwide impact.


In 2012, Creative Sign added an ADA (American with Disabilities Act) Department.  We began to manufacture and ship ADA compliant signs all over the country (and beyond) with ease.


Showing off our products and capabilities at our booth at the 2019 ISA (International Sign Association) Expo introduced us to so many companies across the nation in need of quality, affordable signage.  As our relationships with other sign companies, construction companies and design firms have grown, we’ve shipped everything from large monuments and pylon signs to small ADA signs and nameplates out of state. 

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ada, ada signs, restroom sign, custom ada, custom restroom sign, ada compliant signs, ada sign maker, sign fabrication, tactile and braille sign, direct print ada

Creative Sign now has signs in 45 states and counting!

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2022 WSA Design Awards

2022 WSA Design Awards

Creative Sign was excited to join all the wonderful Wisconsin sign companies and vendors at this year’s Wisconsin Sign Association Design Awards, held in Madison, Wisconsin.  So much great signage has gone up in the state over the past year, and it was wonderful to celebrate the triumphs of the sign industry.

A special congratulations to our newest Design Team addition Bailey Schulte, who brought home an award for her first (and only) entry, Redneck Addiction!  What a way to start your first WSA conference!

We are all so grateful for our whole amazing Creative Sign team that sells, designs, produces, installs and supports all of the spectacular projects we do.  It’s been a great year!


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Rockstar of the Quarter: Jessie Niles

Rockstar of the Quarter: Jessie Niles


And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Jessie Niles!


Position:  Sign Consultant / Service Coordinator

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Work Commitment

What her co-worker has said about her:  “Jessie is one of the hardest working people at our company, along with one of the most diligent workers I’ve ever met.  She is constantly trying her best to exceed expectations while managing an enormous workload.”


Jessie joined the Creative Sign team in in 2020, when a number of companies were feeling the pinch and laying off workers.  She soon found that the workload for her position at Creative was high and quickly began to balance multiple projects and additional responsibilities.  She’s a member of the Creative Sign Safety Team, took on the Service Coordinator position, and covered for multiple people while they were on vacation and leave over the summer. 


Her thorough and helpful nature soon helped her gain respect and love from so many of her co-workers across many departments and positions.  “Jessie is a workhorse salesperson who never shies away from helping others and will take on anything!  She’s thorough, organized, and great to work with!  Definite Rockstar material!”


Congrats, Jessie!  We’re so happy to have you on our team!


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2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

We are proud to see our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards Gold Winner in print!  Thank you to Drews True Value of Port Washington, WI for an excellent project and thank you Watchfire LED for such a quality product and excellent service!



Their signage goals were initially identified with the help of Sign Consultant Jan Padgett-Werdeo and the initial design concept was created on 11-14-17 by Creative Sign Company’s Bill Vandermause and honed in over the next two months.

Drews True Value was looking for a high end and creative monument, using real masonry, to compliment their business.  The asymmetrical 11′-4″ x 10′-9″ monument features a 6′ x 4′ 10mm resolution full color Watchfire message center hanging flagmounted below a vibrant red cabinet with push thru acrylic logo.  Oversized HDU hex bolts fit the business’ look and the message center is used to advertise everything from True Value paint to their countless fastener options.

“Before our new monument sign,” said owner Paul Drew, “our sales had been flat and our customer count had been down.  In mid May our sign was installed and we immediately saw an increase in both sales and customer count.  By the end of the year, we had enjoyed a 7% increase in sales.  A great example of how drastically our sales changed when we used our Watchfire message center to advertise is our MS250 Stihl chainsaw.  We sold three in a year.  Then we advertised its new new sale price on our EMC and sold 10 over the next 10 days.  It’s clear to me that people see it and respond immediately.”

“We show an image of a type of flower we have in stock, broadcasting that it attracts hummingbirds, and they sell out immediately!  Recently, with the snow and ice, we advertised that we had rock salt and ice melter in stock and the response was instant.”

“What I like best about our Watchfire message center,” continued Drew, “is that it’s easy to use.  We download a logo of a product we sell or upload a photo of the type of plant, and with the wireless connection, it’s out there instantly.  It’s instant communication with current and potential customers.”


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Congratulations Creative Sign Company Inc for being a gold winner in our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards! watchfiresigns.com/signawards

Posted by Watchfire Signs on Friday, June 21, 2019


10 Years as Wisconsin’s Highest Rated Sign Company!

10 Years as Wisconsin’s Highest Rated Sign Company!

Since 2010, Creative Sign Company has been named Wisconsin’s Highest Rated Sign Company each year by signsearch.com.  2020 marks our tenth year carrying this banner.

“I’m very proud,” says owner Todd Thomas, “that our reputation for excellence and quality service and products has been appreciated by our customers, and that they have continued to rate us highly on such forums as Sign Search, Google and Facebook.  Their comments and feedback help to spread the word that our company is the place to go for your Wisconsin sign needs, and beyond!”

Todd believes whole-heartedly that people make the difference in a successful business. He continually demands high quality work from all teammates and fosters a fun, but hard-working environment. At Creative Sign, the learning never stops. There is always a better product to be discovered, a new way to make the customer experience more enjoyable or a more creative way to solve a customer’s signage needs.

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