Ear Saver Donations Surpass 13,000!

Ear Saver Donations Surpass 13,000!


Creative Sign is proud to say we’ve produced and now donated over 13,000 of our ear savers!

When Todd’s niece (who is a nurse located in Missouri) first contacted us asking if we could come up with something to relieve the pressure on her ears from wearing her mask at work, we had no idea the need businesses would have for them. Our first attempts were to donate the ear savers to healthcare workers, and when the news stations got ahold of us for a story we were soon to find there were many other businesses that had a need for them as well. We’ve now donated to over 50 hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, hair salons, tattoo parlors and retail workers all across Wisconsin to California, Colorado, Florida and more! The Creative Sign team is honored we were able to take part in something to help others during the Covid 19 Crisis. Please contact us if you are in need of ear savers.

And PLEASE thank an essential worker in your life!

Click on the links below to watch or read the News stories about our donated ear savers! Prior to being on the news we had donated around only 1,000 ear savers, and now have surpassed 13,000. Thanks to WFRV Channel 5 and Fox 11 for the coverage!

 WFRV Channel 5

Fox 11


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Ear Savers Donation
Creative Sign Company Lit Blue for healthcare workers



Creative Sign is also producing other Covid related signage. If you are in need of Social Distancing Signage, Directionals, Banners or Cashier shields please call us at 920.336.8900 or email info@creativesigncompany.com.

Check out some styles and sizes available for our Social Distancing Floor Decals



Rockstar of the Quarter: Trent Nolan

Rockstar of the Quarter: Trent Nolan

And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Trent Nolan!

Position: Lead Installer/Supervisor
Trait of Extreme Awesomeness: Personal Performance
What his co-worker said about him: “Trent has taken the bull by the horns and continues to grow…His attitude has been fantastic and he is leading by example.”

Trent has grown and taken on additional responsibilities in his time with Creative Sign’s Installation Team, encouraging professional, quality work and efficient practices.

Congrats, Trent!  Thank you for all your hard work!


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Cashier Shields

Cashier Shields


As we continue to learn more about the COVID19 virus and how easily it spreads, it is important to take steps to reduce our risk of exposure.  Essential workers who come in contact with many people each day are especially vulnerable.

If your business or a business of someone you know is considered essential and continues to require a POS or cashier counter, such as grocery stores, gas stations, or other retail stores, please contact Creative Sign at 920.336.8900 or info@creativesigncompany.com to learn more about our Cashier Shields.

These durable, clear acrylic shields help to provide a barrier between customers and essential workers.

Custom shapes, sizes and bends available. Our Cashier Shields can to tailor made to fit any counter.  The Shields can be mounted to the counter, bent to sit upon the counter, or hung from the ceiling.

And PLEASE thank an essential worker in your life!


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Pathogen Shield Boxes

Pathogen Shield Boxes


Creative Sign is trying to do our part during the COVID19 pandemic by manufacturing Pathogen Shield Boxes. If your business is in need of these shields, or if you know someone who might have a need, please contact us at 920.336.8900 or info@creativesigncompany.com for more information.

Learn more about Creative Sign Company

Meet Our Team

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2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

We are proud to see our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards Gold Winner in print!  Thank you to Drews True Value of Port Washington, WI for an excellent project and thank you Watchfire LED for such a quality product and excellent service!



Their signage goals were initially identified with the help of Sign Consultant Jan Padgett-Werdeo and the initial design concept was created on 11-14-17 by Creative Sign Company’s Bill Vandermause and honed in over the next two months.

Drews True Value was looking for a high end and creative monument, using real masonry, to compliment their business.  The asymmetrical 11′-4″ x 10′-9″ monument features a 6′ x 4′ 10mm resolution full color Watchfire message center hanging flagmounted below a vibrant red cabinet with push thru acrylic logo.  Oversized HDU hex bolts fit the business’ look and the message center is used to advertise everything from True Value paint to their countless fastener options.

“Before our new monument sign,” said owner Paul Drew, “our sales had been flat and our customer count had been down.  In mid May our sign was installed and we immediately saw an increase in both sales and customer count.  By the end of the year, we had enjoyed a 7% increase in sales.  A great example of how drastically our sales changed when we used our Watchfire message center to advertise is our MS250 Stihl chainsaw.  We sold three in a year.  Then we advertised its new new sale price on our EMC and sold 10 over the next 10 days.  It’s clear to me that people see it and respond immediately.”

“We show an image of a type of flower we have in stock, broadcasting that it attracts hummingbirds, and they sell out immediately!  Recently, with the snow and ice, we advertised that we had rock salt and ice melter in stock and the response was instant.”

“What I like best about our Watchfire message center,” continued Drew, “is that it’s easy to use.  We download a logo of a product we sell or upload a photo of the type of plant, and with the wireless connection, it’s out there instantly.  It’s instant communication with current and potential customers.”


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Congratulations Creative Sign Company Inc for being a gold winner in our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards! watchfiresigns.com/signawards

Posted by Watchfire Signs on Friday, June 21, 2019


Veterans Honor Roll Memorial

Veterans Honor Roll Memorial

Creative Sign Company was privileged to take part in the design, fabrication, and install of the new Veterans Honor Roll memorial wall located at the Kewaunee High School. The panel honors the fallen soldiers of Kewaunee County, and is up to remind students and staff that “Freedom is never free.” A dedication ceremony was held in Kewaunee’s high school gym this past Sunday and Creative Sign designer and Kewaunee resident Bridget Novak was able to attend and witness the heartfelt presentation.

Honored to have had a part in helping make this dream a reality for Kewaunee’s Don Kickbush. Check out these local news stories to learn more.