Illuminated Letters & Logos


Facelit white and backlit yellow channel letters.

Face lit channel letters on a custom shaped back panel.

Custom wall sconces, lit flagmount sign, and backlit wall logo.

This backlit dimensional, white and teal logo elevates this entrance.

Facelit white and green channel letters paired with non-lit letters below.

Face lit channel letters on white raceway to limit mounting holes on a brick wall.

Face lit channel letters with a bottom mounted raceway to contain electrical.

Bold, white face lit channel letters are highly readable on this dark corrugated building.

Face lit logo with back lit bifocals, mounted to a non-lit back cabinet.

Color changing LED can be programed for any color of the rainbow.  Great for special events and holidays.

Face lit white channel letters with black trim cap and returns are highly readable.  Mounted to a raceway, painted to match the building.

Back lit icon and copy, mounted to a back panel, helps these letters shine bright on a corrugated building.

Face lit white, and back lit teal channel letters, with an illuminated wall cabinet below.

These highly readable face lit channel letters, above window and door graphics, make a statement from a distance.

Face lit blue, and back lit white, channel letters.

What are building letters?

Lighting can help identify your building night and day, as well as add that breathtaking element.  Face lit or back lit, with any color imaginable!  Our experts can recommend the right materials and lighting for your wall logo.  Plastic-formed, acrylic, routed HDU, PVC or metal letters available.