Drew’s True Value
Paul Drew

“When our monument sign was installed, we immediately saw an increase in both sales and customer count.  By the end of the year, we had enjoyed a 7% increase in sales.  We show an image of a type of flower we have in stock on our Watchfire electronic message center, broadcasting that it attracts hummingbirds, and they sell out immediately!  It’s instant communication with current and potential customers.”

Boys & Girls Club
Julie Davis

“This was the best money we could have spent! Well worth it with all the positive feedback from staff, board members and the community. The sign installers we great, Kelli answered all our questions and everyone was helpful and great to work with. We will continue to do business with Creative Sign.

Thank you!”

Life Bridge Christian Church
Mike Tappa

“I was looking at our sign last night as I was leaving a meeting here at the church, and I was thinking about how impressive it looks, especially at night when it is illuminated. We have gotten many compliments on it and I think it truly portrays the image we were looking for. Thanks to you and the design team for being patient as we walked through the design process, I really think it was worth the effort. It was truly a pleasure to work with you. May God bless you and the whole team at Creative Sign.”

CMM Group
Tim Lahti

“Creative Sign Co, Inc. has designed, and installed graphics on multiple vehicles and nameplates for CMM. The design, production, and installation staff are wonderful to work with and go above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction with the end product. I would not hesitate to recommend Creative Sign to anyone looking for superb quality and excellent service at a fair price.”

Riverview Lutheran Church & School
Pastor Adam Bode

“I love our new WatchFire digital sign. From the project exploration stage to the bidding and designing and installation and ongoing questions, I have found Kelli and Creative Sign to offer quick, positive, solution-based communication. We have been talking about a digital sign for years at Riverview. I’m so excited that it is now a reality. No more volunteers having to go out in the cold to change the letters or improvise when there isn’t enough of certain letters. I appreciate the way Creative Sign assisted in matching the sign design to the style and colors of our church building. I love managing the content to promote our Savior Jesus and his gospel of forgiveness to the community and to all who pass by. The software for managing the sign content is easy to learn and use. There are endless options for simple, meaningful, colorful, and eye-catching promotion. Thank you for making a great product and helping us to be more visible in our community!”

Skyline Technologies
John Greuel

“Really awesome job with everything! The installers were helpful and did a great job helping us get what we were looking for and had great ideas! The design and production of the signs was great, the signs look amazing!  On time before the camp this weekend too — Very happy, great team 🙂 “

St. Mary Parish
Brian Dresang

“The new sign that we constructed has far exceeded our expectations.  Rarely does a week go by where I do not get a comment about it.  The WatchFire digital sign was absolutely the correct decision.  If someone is driving down Memorial Drive in Appleton and does not see our sign, they are blind.  This sign is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the digital display is able to get out any message we want with incredible clarity and wonderful graphics.  The goal of our project was to tell people we are Catholic, and proud of it, so come and check us out.  There is no doubt that it accomplished our goal.  I have already received calls from four other businesses in less that six months asking who helped us with our sign and expressed how impressed they were.  If other businesses are noticing, to me there is no bigger compliment.”