ADA Compliant Signs


Vandal resistant ADA signs using clear photopolymer are great for schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

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These signs feature our economical raised direct print, achieving the required depths for the tactile room number and braille.

Upscale apartment room numbers feature high end touches, such as textured background laminate and stainless steel rasters.

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Come take a tour of our facility to see where the magic happens and check out the many examples of our work in person!

Informative open/occupied sliders can be added to any ADA sign.  Decorative mounting pucks and side details add beauty to this functional sign.

Color and shape makes these ADA compliant signs more fun and on brand.

Delicate additions to the basic ADA sign can make a big visual impact without breaking the budget.

This ADA package has fun with shapes and wood textures.

They can even glow in the dark!

What is an ADA Sign?

The guidelines for ADA, which stands for Americans with Disabilities Act, are primarily intended to make facilities accessible to the blind, visually-impaired, and mobility-impaired. Certain signs that are installed in public facilities are required to comply with ADA regulations.  Guidelines include copy placement, height, font, pictogram placement and size, placement of the sign in relation to the door, and so much more! Our ADA experts are well versed in these rules and can help you navigate the requirements for your signage and wayfinding program.

ADA Sign Rules & Regulations