Monument Signs


School monument sign with routed and backed cabinet, above an electronic message center. Includes a flat cut aluminum globe, and face lit channel letter icon.

3D tail fin, back lit channel letters, and a full color Watchfire message center, make this single side monument a welcome sight while flying in and out of Green Bay, WI.

This non lit monument sign compliments it’s buildings architecture and wall sign.

Digital print wood texture, applied to aluminum beams, with decorative metal plates. That faux wood print would fool us if we didn’t know better!  A cast plaque is mounted to the stone veneer pillar and base.

A unique shape and special details such as perf metal and a raised logo, help this non lit monument sign stand out.

Routed and backed logo on hexagon shaped cabinet, beside an electronic message center, framed by illuminated reveals.

Illuminated multi tenant monument waiting for some new tenants.

Digital print rusted metal and wood beams, give this monument sign a lot of tactile interest without the actual rust stains.

This monument grabs attention with its routed and backed ID cabinet, and a Watchfire electronic message center below.

What is a Monument Sign?

An attractive custom monument sign along your busy roadway will advertise the personality of your business, and give you the edge over your competitors. Not only do we use the finest materials to ensure a long, hassle-free life for your investment, but our sign consultants will work hand in hand with you to develop the most cost effective freestanding sign solution for your specific needs.