3D Routed Signs


Dimensional apartment sign with woodgrain texture.

Smooth, matte finish logo with woodgrain texture background and faux stone pillars.

Dimensional logo and border with woodgrain texture background and changeable hours panel below.

Dimensional wall plaque.

Dimensional letters mounted to routed back panel.

Woodgrain texture background with raised copy and border and digital print water and swan.

Woodgrain texture background and dimensional logo with faux wood beams, decorative plates and corrugated metal base.

Wall panel with dimensional border and logo and woodgrain texture.

Dimensional wall sign.

3D routed heart logo in progress.

Flagmount hanging panel with dimensional copy.

Many different textures available to fit your look!

What are routed signs?

Routed HDU signs can be made to replicate the appearance of a classic hand carved wood sign with a hand-painted look, but it will take less time to produce thanks to Creative Sign’s in house routing capabilities. HDU is also more weather resistant than wood, so it will last significantly longer when exposed to the elements.  Pebbled and smooth textures, paired with matte finishes can also create a look indistinguishable from a cast plaque for a timeless metal appearance.