This awning wraps around the building, over a bar and entryway, advertising it’s offerings in readable white copy.

This illuminated metal awning also uses can lighting to illuminate the walkway.

This non lit storefront awning features their new logo with fun digitally printed graphics on it.

This small awning over a door denotes an office, and shields from the elements.

Complimentary fabric awnings over a door and windows with a fun vintage vibe.

Crisp blue fabric awnings adds to this building’s curb appeal.

What is an Awning?

Lit or non-lit, with or without graphics, Creative Sign can customize an awning to your specific style and needs.  Not only can they safeguard from the elements, illuminated awnings can advertise your business with a splash of color and light.  Styles and sizes are endless.  Every awning will be custom created, exactly tailored to your building.