Pylon Signs


A uniquely shaped lit cabinet compliments their new branding and a faux stone base adds a high-end touch.

Larger-than-life custom 3D poles make this monument a landmark.

A custom lighting effect on this two pole pylon makes it look like the logo cabinet is filling up with soda.

Multi-tenant monument coordinates with the building signage, and features a full color Watchfire message center.

Routed and backed tenant panels, full color Watchfire message center, and faux stone pillar, add luxury to this multi-tenant pylon sign.

Faux neon gives this multi-tenant illuminated pylon a vintage twist, without the cost and upkeep of real neon.

This busy street and limited space for a freestanding sign was a visibility challenge solved by an asymmetrical flagmount style pylon with a large, bold logo cabinet.

Manual readerboard and illuminated ID cabinet, placed precariously atop a 3D routed pencil pole.

A unique pole cover, featuring red accent lighting and aluminum lattice, accompanies an illuminated logo cabinet and full color Watchfire message center.

What is a Pylon Sign?

The possibilities are endless with these tall, free-standing signs. Internally or externally illuminated, with gooseneck lighting or a custom LED bar, or even non-illuminated. This type of sign can be highly visible, representing your business in an elegant or dynamic way. Our creative designers will incorporate elements from the building to make sure your sign feels at home in front of your business, and will keep your budget and signage goals in mind while determining materials and style.