Rockstar of the Quarter: Bailey Schulte-Decker

Rockstar of the Quarter: Bailey Schulte-Decker

And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Bailey Schulte-Decker!

Position:  Sign Consultant

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Credibility

What her team says about her: 

“I love working with Bailey!  She’s always so organized and works hard to give all appropriate/important info needed for a successful job.  Additionally, Bailey is always lifting up her coworkers and friends by helping in whatever way, all while being respectful and kind.”

“Bailey is asking all the right questions as she learns the way of Sales.  Her background in other areas of Creative Sign make her a valuable asset to the Sales team.”

Bailey joined Creative Sign in 2019 as a Graphics Technician, has assisted in Vinyl and ADA Sign Installation, Design and Channel Letter Fabrication.  In 2023 she began in Inside Sales, helping customers through the sign planning process with all her sign industry background.

Congrats, Bailey!  Thank you for all you do for our team!

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Creative Sign Featured on ViewPoint with Dennis Quaid

Creative Sign Featured on ViewPoint with Dennis Quaid

Creative Sign Company recently had an exciting opportunity to share our story with the Telly Award Winning ViewPoint with Dennis Quaid.  Their PTV segments are engaging and educational.  Being in such company was a truly amazing and humbling experience!



We are so proud of our people and what they accomplish each and every day.  Thank you to our Creative Sign family and to all those who support us with their business.  Special thanks to ViewPoint for sharing Creative Sign’s story and showcasing what makes our custom sign shop so unique.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Customer Relationships

Celebrating 20 Years of Customer Relationships

This July marks 20 years since Todd purchased Creative Sign, and the Sign Nerds are excited to celebrate 20 years of customer relationships.

The below video shows just some of the amazing customers we’ve had the privilege to serve over the last 20 years, but we’d like to thank ALL of the customers that have put their trust in Creative Sign!


In 2003, the majority of our projects were semi-truck lettering.  Slowly but surely, Todd built up our customer base by building up our reputation for taking care of our customers.  He stood behind his team and product by offering a better warranty than the competition.

By 2011, Todd brought Sign Consultant Kelli Lax on board, and with her, a whole new level of customer.  Projects like the Menominee Casino and Oneida Casino pylons showed off our in-house fabrication skills, and amazing customers like Subway and Goodwill Industries brought us so much repeat work that we needed to expand our team to accommodate all the interior and exterior signage, window and wall graphics, channel letters, and vehicle wraps we were doing.

As our family of Sign Consultants and Project Managers have grown, the list of excellent customer relationships we are fortunate enough to maintain has grown dramatically.  Again, thank you to each and every one of you that has put your trust in our Creative Sign team for your signage needs!  You have made us what we are today!

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Rockstar of the Quarter:  Zach Ellner

Rockstar of the Quarter: Zach Ellner

And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Zach Ellner!

Position:  Install and Service Technician

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Fellowship

What his team says about him:  “Zach is always positive in every situation.  His happiness is contagious, leaving me with a smile when I’m lucky enough to interact with him.”

“Zach represents Creative Sign well to both customers and co-workers.”

“He is always willing to discuss projects when needed and strives to make Creative better whenever he can.  He brings a great attitude to the install crew!”

Zach joined our Install Team in 2018 and has since gone on to get his CDL and become a dependable lead on the road.

Congrats, Zach!  Thanks for your hard work!

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Rockstar of the Quarter: Jessie Niles

Rockstar of the Quarter: Jessie Niles


And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Jessie Niles!


Position:  Sign Consultant / Service Coordinator

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Work Commitment

What her co-worker has said about her:  “Jessie is one of the hardest working people at our company, along with one of the most diligent workers I’ve ever met.  She is constantly trying her best to exceed expectations while managing an enormous workload.”


Jessie joined the Creative Sign team in in 2020, when a number of companies were feeling the pinch and laying off workers.  She soon found that the workload for her position at Creative was high and quickly began to balance multiple projects and additional responsibilities.  She’s a member of the Creative Sign Safety Team, took on the Service Coordinator position, and covered for multiple people while they were on vacation and leave over the summer. 


Her thorough and helpful nature soon helped her gain respect and love from so many of her co-workers across many departments and positions.  “Jessie is a workhorse salesperson who never shies away from helping others and will take on anything!  She’s thorough, organized, and great to work with!  Definite Rockstar material!”


Congrats, Jessie!  We’re so happy to have you on our team!


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