Rockstar of the Quarter: Alec Slempkes

Rockstar of the Quarter: Alec Slempkes

And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Alec Slempkes!

Position:  Print & Graphics Technician

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Equality

What his team says about him: 

“Alec is great at what he does and is an amazing person to be around.  He’s always helpful and happy to do it.  He’s very intuitive with what he can accomplish with his machine and it always looks amazing.”

“I admire Alec for his commitment to his work and his ability to tackle anything thrown at him.”

Alec joined Creative Sign in 2021 as a Graphics Technician, quickly becoming a go-to employee for higher profile interior install projects of graphics and ADA signage.  In 2022 he became head printer on our flatbed.  Since taking on his new role he has explored what’s possible with direct print ADA, raised textures, and so much more!

Congrats, Alec!  Thank you for all you do for our team!

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