And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Kelsy Hayes!

Position:  Senior Sign Consultant

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Identity

What her team says about her: 

“When I work with Kelsy, I truly feel that she thinks about what’s best for the company and the customer.  She is always available for discussion on projects and puts in the leg work to deliver information as soon as she can.”

“Kelsy is a great face for our company, constantly presenting her best self.  She’s one of the hardest working people I know.”

Kelsy joined our Creative Sign team as a Sign Consultant in 2019, more than doubling her yearly sales from 2019 to 2021.  Now a Senior Sign Consultant, Kelsy has just celebrated her second year as part of Creative Sign’s Million Dollar Club.

In addition to her Creative Sign accomplishments, Kelsy has become a Rockstar of the Sign Industry.  She was one of 35 people chosen (worldwide) to be a part of the International Sign Association Young Professionals Class of 2016, is the leader of the WSA Young Professionals, on the WSA Board of Directors, a part of multiple networking groups, Ambassador for the Oshkosh Chamber, and was nominated for a 2022 Women in Signs Award!

Congrats, Kelsy!  Thanks for your hard work!

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