And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Jacob Ambrosius!

Position:  Install & Service Technician

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Work Commitment

What his team says about him: 

“Jacob is a dedicated and reliable Installer.  He solves problems as they arise or seeks advice from his coworkers.  Obtaining his CDL and being lead on his truck is a huge accomplishment!  He’s willing to come in early or stay late as needed to maintain the install schedule.”

“Since taking over as a lead installer, Jacob has gone above and beyond the call of duty in many ways.  He takes a lot of pride in his work and is an absolute asset on the road crew.”

Jacob joined Creative Sign in 2019 as a Sign Painter, but in 2021 he transferred to the Install Team, where he really found his stride.  In 2022 he obtained his CDL and became a lead installer.

Congrats, Jacob!  Thank you for all you do for our team!

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