And Creative Sign Rockstar of the Quarter goes to…. Andy Heyrman!

Position:  Director of Channel Letters & Routing

Trait of Extreme Awesomeness:  Personal Performance

What his co-worker has said about him:  “Dude is crazy knowledgeable!  He is a go-to resource whenever there is a question on our capabilities and sign construction.  A lot is asked of him and he is more than up to the task.  He has done a great job seeing the bigger picture, helping make workflow optimized and efficient company wide.”

Andy joined the Creative Sign team in 2016 as a CNC Router Technician and by 2020 he was heading up both the Routing Department and Channel Letter Department.  His contribution and leadership has helped Creative Sign become what it is today.

Congrats, Andy!  Thank you for all you do for our team!


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