Our New Channel Letters

Our New Channel Letters

The customer always comes first at Creative Sign.  We’ve put so much energy into channel letters for other businesses in Wisconsin and beyond, and we’ve invested in equipment to make those letters (and other signage) better and more efficiently.  So many gorgeous, lit letters… but never for ourselves.  What’s that saying about the shoemaker’s kid?

We’ve finally decided we need to look as good on the outside as we make on the inside.  Now our lit building letters are an example of what we can produce within these walls!

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Wanting to be easily seen from Hwy 41, we maximized our allowed square footage with two big, bold words:  CREATIVE SIGN.

The building, now painted dark blue with white trim courtesy of Griffin Prestige Painting, provides high contrast with the white letters.

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griffin prestige painting, green bay painter, painter near me, griffin paint, de pere painter, corporate painter

The letters are face lit with white LED to maximize readability, but back lit with color changing LED just for the fun of it.  We are a sign company after all.  Blue LED rope lighting will also soon run along the peak and front bump out to showcase one of our favorite accent lighting products.

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channel letters, back lit letters, lit building letters, logo on building, illuminated logo, wall sign, color changing led, color changing lighting

We are so happy with our new store front that it’s hard to remember how it looked before… so it’s good we took a lot of progress photos.  Thank you to everyone that chipped in between customer projects and helped make this possible!

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creative sign
creative sign
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We are so proud of our welcoming new exterior!  We welcome everyone to find an excuse to swing by, day or night, to check out our new letters and (coming soon) accent lighting.  We love showing off our work!  Call ahead for a tour of the building, or to schedule to meet a sign consultant after dark to see our building lighting up close and see how it works.  We also have channel letter and accent light samples inside, including trimless channel letters.

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2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

2019 Watchfire Gold Award Winner: Drews True Value

We are proud to see our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards Gold Winner in print!  Thank you to Drews True Value of Port Washington, WI for an excellent project and thank you Watchfire LED for such a quality product and excellent service!



Their signage goals were initially identified with the help of Sign Consultant Jan Padgett-Werdeo and the initial design concept was created on 11-14-17 by Creative Sign Company’s Bill Vandermause and honed in over the next two months.

Drews True Value was looking for a high end and creative monument, using real masonry, to compliment their business.  The asymmetrical 11′-4″ x 10′-9″ monument features a 6′ x 4′ 10mm resolution full color Watchfire message center hanging flagmounted below a vibrant red cabinet with push thru acrylic logo.  Oversized HDU hex bolts fit the business’ look and the message center is used to advertise everything from True Value paint to their countless fastener options.

“Before our new monument sign,” said owner Paul Drew, “our sales had been flat and our customer count had been down.  In mid May our sign was installed and we immediately saw an increase in both sales and customer count.  By the end of the year, we had enjoyed a 7% increase in sales.  A great example of how drastically our sales changed when we used our Watchfire message center to advertise is our MS250 Stihl chainsaw.  We sold three in a year.  Then we advertised its new new sale price on our EMC and sold 10 over the next 10 days.  It’s clear to me that people see it and respond immediately.”

“We show an image of a type of flower we have in stock, broadcasting that it attracts hummingbirds, and they sell out immediately!  Recently, with the snow and ice, we advertised that we had rock salt and ice melter in stock and the response was instant.”

“What I like best about our Watchfire message center,” continued Drew, “is that it’s easy to use.  We download a logo of a product we sell or upload a photo of the type of plant, and with the wireless connection, it’s out there instantly.  It’s instant communication with current and potential customers.”


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Congratulations Creative Sign Company Inc for being a gold winner in our 2019 Watchfire LED Sign Awards! watchfiresigns.com/signawards

Posted by Watchfire Signs on Friday, June 21, 2019


Let It Glow!

Let It Glow!

Frozen fans may be singing “Let It Go” this week, but here at Creative Sign we’re singing: “Let It Glow 🎶 Let It Glow 🎶 Let It Glow 🎶🙃

There are so many ways to use lighting to attract attention to your business, make a statement or create the right atmosphere. Technology is constantly evolving.  The limit of what is possible is constantly changing.  Contact one of our helpful sign consultants to discuss these limitless possibilities and find out how amazing, eye-catching lighting can change the image of your business.

Get ideas by browsing our Galleries… or let our knowledgeable sign consultants and designers make recommendations.  A meeting with a sign consultant can help you identify what your signage needs truly are and the best way of reaching your sign goals.  And our beautiful and informative sign proofs can help you visualize what your signs will look like in your space.

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