Oakwood Village Senior Living

Complete Wayfinding Signage for Senior Living Complex

Creative Sign worked in several phases to design, produce, and install interior and exterior signage for this new multi building senior living facility, releasing each phase as the buildings were completed. It was important to this customer that their signage colors and design be cohesive inside and out.  Interior and exterior individual letters are consistent in font and color, and the logo is incorporated throughout all wayfinding and ADA compliant signage.  This helps residents and visitors navigate the Oakwood Village property and quickly identify it as Oakwood Village.  Designer Nicole Mattson chose to backlight the logo with green LED on the monument signs, so that the green color was even incorporated at night.

Project Coordinator Tracy Burkel assisted Oakwood Village in working with the city of Madison for a variance to obtain a third monument sign and to increase the size of each monument, so the signs would be readable from the street and functional for the complex.

Creative Sign provided concept drawings, sign schedules, and installation guides for each phase of this project, making recommendations along the way to ensure all signage goals were met, namely ADA compliance, durability, functionality and readability, and consistency of branding.